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100 % American Made


Daufuskie Island Rum Company is 100% American made. Founder Anthony Chase grew up on multiple Army bases and has a strong sense of national pride. In addition to that, it was important to assure that the products we use be of utmost excellence. For that reason, we made the decision to seek Made in America Certification.


American workers have proven time and again that they can and will produce the best products in the world. Our stills and fermenters are hand crafted in Alabama by Paul Caldwell of the Confederate Stills of Alabama. We obtain our bottles from the Waterloo bottle company in upstate New York. As a supplier, they carry both American and imported glassware, but we insisted on American Made. Our yeast strains were developed and cultivated in California and our sugar is grown in South Florida. We have had many international companies who have attempted to obtain our business, but we decline respectfully so as to assure that our vendors can provide jobs to our fellow Americans.This approach to business not only assures that we deliver a quality product to our consumers, but quite frankly has not made our products more expensive. As a consumer, you can responsibly consume our rum with the knowledge that the hands and materials that have touched our rum are all from the United States of America.


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